Sweat Equity is a not for profit organisation designed for runners of most abilities wanting to train together  to achieve specific targets, run specific events or improve their overall performance in running with a dedicated, motivated group of like minded people.

Often thought of  as a “festival of friendship”, the team was founded by Janet Wood in 2005 and is better known for their Teams tag name “No Cry Babies.” Having coached runners and athletes of all abilities  for over 15 years and Janet has helped runners improve performance from the mile to the marathon and beyond.

The Team is now operated by a committee who organise routes of varying distances in and around the York area. Road, off road, hill and for a very few extreme  mud runs, hill challenges (run/walk) and other fun training runs.

Each year this team is led by 10 qualified UKA coaches and running mentors and hold 2 comprehensive running courses which focus on distance training for one of several events. Such as The Yorkshire Marathon, The Great North Run, Nottingham Marathon, London Marathon, Edinburgh Festival of Running and many more events to include those abroad such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, New York, Dublin and Paris.  Each course covers a variety of specific running principles and practical applications to improve understanding and performance through participation in running.

Sweat Equity’s mission is to increase participation in running related sports through individually designed running programmes that provide the support, discipline and training tools to help individuals achieve their personal running goals.

Join Team “No Cry Babies”, achieve your goals, keep fit and above all, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!